€ 145 million for rural development and digitization measures

The Sectoral Conference on Agriculture and Rural Development has agreed to distribute 145,048,752.72 euros among the autonomous communities for rural development and digitization measures. They are aimed at the execution of projects related to precision agriculture, energy efficiency, circular economy and the use of renewable energies in more than 5,000 farms.

According to the minister, Luis Planas, this measure seeks to reach at least 5,000 farms to carry out projects related to precision agriculture, energy efficiency, the circular economy and the use of renewable energies. Precision agriculture includes geolocation and satellite navigation systems (GNSS), real-time data collection using sensors and satellite and airborne images, geographic information systems (GIS), cartography, communication and connectivity.

The actions foreseen in this program cover a wide range of equipment, devices and software applications with a diverse technological scope, which can be combined in investment projects aimed at achieving specific sustainability objectives on farms. The support program for the comprehensive transformation and modernization of greenhouses consists of a set of actions that include both productive investments for structural improvement and energy efficiency, as well as non-productive ones to promote the transition towards more sustainable environmental models. .

Energy efficiency includes, among other actions, the conditioning and insulation of buildings, and auxiliary warehouses of the farms, or the air conditioning and ventilation systems that optimize and the energy consumption of the farms. In terms of the circular economy, investments are included for the management, storage and conditioning of biomass of agricultural origin and also those destined to the energy recovery of animal manure. To favor the use of renewable energies, the replacement of power generation systems from fossil fuels or the installation of supply systems with renewable sources that support the electrical and thermal energy needs of the farms and their facilities is encouraged.

Biosecurity in animal and plant health

The objective of this investment is to reinforce biosecurity conditions as a determining element for the prevention of the spread of animal diseases or pests and harmful organisms of plants. The 2021 annuity distributed today (12,600,000 euros) will be completed in the following two years up to a total of 38 million euros.

Within this chapter two lines of investment are contemplated, for the improvement of the cleaning and disinfection centers of livestock transport vehicles or the creation of new centers (6.3 million euros), and for protection facilities in greenhouses against to vector insects (6.3 million euros). Action is expected in at least 465 facilities.