A broad portfolio of services with high technological input to create a global value proposal for each design and each execution. Every company has its own needs, and this calls for specific project development that we apply by adapting to each situation.


Multi-disciplinary basic and detailed engineering for implementing Feasibility Studies, Projects, Qualified Technical Management and Legalization of industrial processes. Specialists in Process Control Engineering.

Process Control and

Industrial Automation

Design and Development of complete projects for Process Control and Automation of Industrial Plants, from conceptual design to commissioning.

Production management


Complete Solutions for Production Monitoring, Control and Management for 4.0 Industries BATCH/MES/MOM – APS – MI/BI.

Technical assistance

and support

Our projects and solutions are designed and conceived for remote support and maintenance.


ANSOTEC can offer its clients complete customised key in hand solutions (A + B + C + D), ), from the Project concept to commissioning, including the design, manufacture, supply, installation and set up of the process.

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