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Collaboration agreement between SB Software and ANSOTEC to enhance the Edible Oil and Agrofood Industry

21 December, 2020

sb software ansotec almazaras

The Andalusian companies ANSOTEC S.L. And SB SOFTWARE S.L. have just signed a strategic collaboration agreement which will ensure vertical integration as part of the Digital Transformation required by the Edible Oil Sector. It will enable the platform designed by ANSOTEC, Almazara Conectada 4.0, to integrate seamlessly with SB SOFTWARE’s ERP solution for the sector, creating a COMPLETE SOLUTION  that is unique in the industry.

ANSOTEC is firmly committed to the Digital Transformation of sectors such as Food, Chemicals, Pharmacosmetics and Minerals, but especially the Food Industry and the Edible Oil sector. We are specialists in multi-disciplinary engineering, the introduction of Process Control Systems and Production Management Systems (MES/MOM), all supplied as key-in-hand projects or customised to the needs of each client, along with subsequent remote support and High-Availability Campaign maintenance.

This firm commitment has enabled us to design the Almazara Conectada 4.0 platform for oil production facilities and olive processing plants in the Edible Oil sector, and it has been hailed by the sector as a novel solution that is a highly valuable resource for the client and end user, regardless of the manufacturers of the machinery employed.

The importance of this vertical integration, which has been defined developed and applied for many years by international organizations (such as ISA.ORG) with the industrial standard ISA-95, establishes the levels of the industrial integration model that ANSOTEC provides and has been routinely applied for many years in all the projects that it has carried out for the food industry in Spain. This is the model that was used to create the Almazara Conectada 4.0 solution.

ANSOTEC normally works to develop the vertical integration of this model (ISA-95), implementing Levels 0 (Sensors), 1 (PLCs), 2 (DCS, SCADA, HMI ), 3 (MES/MOM) and up to the integration of information at Level 4 (ERP), which has been beyond our scope but within the scope of SB Software; these levels are:

  • Level 4 Business Management and Planning (ERP)
  • Level 3 Operations Management- Production Management (MES-MOM) –
  • Level 2 (Supervision Level DCSSCADAHMI)
  • Level 1 (PLC Control Levels)
  • Level 0 (Instruments, Sensors)

The systems and projects implemented by ANSOTEC always need to be integrated within ERP systems (Level 4), which are normally supplied and implemented by third parties to guarantee the vital vertical and two-way integration of the whole plant.

ANSOTEC is a recognised Partner for some of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers of control systems, such as SIEMENS and ROCKWELL AUTOMATION, along with other manufacturers of SCASA solutions like WONDERWARE which is extensively used in the industry.

SB SOFTWARE is a modern company whose business consists in Entrepreneurial Consultancy, the implementation of Management Systems (ERP) in Agrofood industries (Oil, Cereals, Processing, Wine Cellars, etc., with a leading role in the implementation of ERP systems in private businesses and cooperatives, with over 1,500 projects on record.

They own their own software platform based on MICROSOFT technology which they sell in a variety of configurations (On Premise, SaaS), relying on their extensive experience in the implementation of the platform in these industrial sectors.

In recognition of the clear synergies that exist between both companies and the firm commitment that they share towards Digital Transformation that these agrofood industries stand in need of, we have decided to take this crucial step forward for our current and future clients. It enables us to develop their business model with complete security and simplicity by applying a SINGLE COMPLETE SOLUTION supported by two organizations that are fully committed to the END USER and independent on the machinery manufacturers.

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