Control de procesos y automatización industrial

The need for production management and process control

8 septiembre, 2020

The implementation of production management and process control systems is a necessity for practically any company, just as it is that they sign up for industrial automation. This is due to the enormous competitiveness that exists in an increasingly dynamic market.

Industrial automation

It is no longer enough today to produce and distribute. Companies have to analyse the processes they carry out, revise the way that they do them and find out how they could be done more efficiently.

Advantages of the implementation of quality management systems.

– Optimised processes. This can be achieved when the principal objectives have been identified. All our production phases are linked together and all are oriented towards achieving the targets that have been set. The concept of continuous improvement is vital to ensure that we do not get left behind.

– Better internal organization. If we have clearer and more effective communication channels between the different departments and different phases of production, it will ensure that the relations between the different parts is more fluid and that there will be a closer identification of responsibilities.

– Promote teamwork. The direct intervention of all employees is essential for the management and control of all the processes that a company has to carry out. This will ensure that everyone feels that they are working together and will increase motivation.

automatizacion industrial

Benefits of the MES/MOM production management system.

Lower costs

We will achieve a reduction across the board, or at least in part, of the use of paper in all phases of the production processes.

The idea is a simple one. Replace all the forms we have to fill in throughout the process with electronic forms. This substitution not only saves money, it will reduce errors when entering data in the system. It will also save time, because this type of form is quicker to fill in, which means more time can be spent on other tasks.

Increased visibility

This comes from the horizontal and vertical integration that these ERP and PLM management systems offer and the machines that are responsible for controlling the facilities.
One immediate advantage is the greater transparency and visibility of all the processes. This means that any employee can obtain real-time access to updated information.

Greater productivity

Generally, this type of system includes other systems that are able to measure the operating and stopping times of machines and the production lines. They also have the capacity to keep records of the manufactured products or those that were rejected and sent for reprocessing. This information is necessary for an analysis of the efficiency of the production line and to make any improvements that are needed.

The use of production management and process control systems offer us a range of possibilities that enable use to take the company to another level.

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