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ANSOTEC will be present at Smart Agroalimentaria de Málaga in the Agrotech Zone

12 Agosto, 2021

ANSOTEC will be present at Smart Agrifood in Malaga, with an exhibitor in the Agrotech Zone. The event takes place at FYCMA – Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga.

Agrifood is an international benchmark event in the sector and is a face-to-face and virtual meeting point where you can find partners, increase financing and internationalization channels, as well as publicize new products, services and innovative projects.

The vital importance of the agri-food sector in sustaining the current human lifestyle has become even more apparent, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to face the future challenges that face us as a society, the need to maintain and increase investment in research and innovation, which is more than ever essential, has been reinforced.

smart agrifood ansotec

Connected Oil Mill 4.0

ANSOTEC has developed a specific solution for the Olive Sector, under the name of ALMAZARA CONECTADA 4.0. with the aim of developing a product that responds to the great challenge represented by the implementation of Digital Transformation Models in the oil mills.

Model in which the coordination and interoperability of the systems is collaborative with all the processes involved as a multi-gear in the production of quality oils, from the field to the shelves of a large area; covering the entire value chain. In which a main part is the Almazara and its teachers and operators, who are a very important part in this scenario.

ANSOTEC, with Connected Mill 4.0, makes available to potential national and international clients an innovative and reliable DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION solution, which allows them to improve and optimize their mill, safely and without risk. ANSOTEC has spent more than two years developing, testing and implementing the solution, recognized by a publication of a success story from the US manufacturer ROCKWELL AUTOMATION.

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