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Ansotec, new partner of SIEMENS Process Control System PCS7

4 Novembro, 2019

What exactly is PCS7? It is a Siemens Process Control System for Industrial Processes that is widely used around the world.

Its status as a Siemens Partner for PCS7 means that it has been approved by the manufacturer for integrating these systems. The Siemens systems are sold through their partners.

ANSOTEC, as a Siemens Partner, implements, configures and operates the PCS7 systems with the support of the qualified personnel of our company.

To be recognised as a Siemens PCS7 Partner, the manufacturer demands proven references and a record of successful implementations These merits are earned as integrator, and SIEMENS accepts this distinction as an Integrating “Solution Partner”, which makes us partners of the manufacturer in business development. Therefore, thanks to the proven references and cases of successful implementation, Siemens has recognised us as a Partner for PCS7.

There are currently 15 Siemens Partners for PCS7 in Spain. In 2019, ANSOTEC came to form part of this select club.

For the clients of ANSOTEC, this recognition is a guarantee and recommendation from the manufacturer for the implementation of the PCS7 solution, in acknowledgement of our technicians’ knowledge and expertise of this system.

ANSOTEC has been working to obtain this qualification since 2013, and this award means that ANSOTEC is currently in the front line of DCS integrators in Spain and the world.

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